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Beard Grooming Kit for Men

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  • ULTIMATE BEARD BRUSH SET FOR THE KING WITH 100% BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH AND BAMBOO HANDLE: What good is a beard brush if you hate using it? We designed our authentic hardwood brush handle to feel cool and comfortable in your hand. Stroke through your beard twice per day to distribute oil, improve hair texture, as well as soften and style any type of beard with our special 100% boar bristle brush softener..
  • ATTRACTIVE HANDMADE WOODEN COMB RUNS THROUGH BEARD SMOOTH: Stop using mass-produced plastic combs with burrs. Shear Guru's handmade wooden combs are made with specially burned-in wooden teeth that won't scratch or bite at your skin but rather massage and relieve tired facial hair.
  • THE BEST BEARD OILS ARE FELT, NOT SMELLED: What good is a beautiful beard when nobody wants to go near it? Soften your beard with the most luxurious 100% organic, paraben- and GMO-free oil that contains vitamin E and evening primrose to relieve beard itch and treat split ends-all without the stink of other oils. This moisturizer will keep your beard shiny and smooth!
  • PREMIIUM CARDBOARD GIFT BOX: When you're only going to have one of something, it should be the best quality you can get. Shear Guru's complete-care beard grooming kit provides a boyfriend with a finished beard his barber will admire. Because a man should be untamed-not his beard.
  • ENJOY OUR "BETTER TOOLS" TWO-YEAR WARRANTY: Beards are made to last, and so are our products. Our exclusive beard grooming equipment will fix a big smile on any bearded face for years to come-we guarantee it with our full 24-month warranty.


Find out why people are loving our beard grooming kit.

Mens Beard kits can feel like they’re all the same—cheap, mass-produced maintenance combs. Stinky oils. Sticky Balm. Plastic brushes accessories set.

That’s why Shear Guru beardbrand stepped in to save your beard.

Shear Guru believes the best grooming kits do more than just do good for your beard or mustache—they feel good to use, too.

In the face of kits made of unrefined combs and brushes with crude-smelling oils, Shear Guru carefully designed their products to both feel good and do good. Ready to live it up? Club??


Natural hardwood bamboo comes with many advantages over plastic or composite wood, and that is why we chose it for the handle of our luxury beard brush.

We knew once you began brushing, the extreme comfort of our handle paired with the penetrating and refining boar bristles would provide a treatment experience like no other.


Rich in essential fatty acids with a rapid absorption rate, our two-ingredient oil supports cell regeneration, refines dry hair and skin,

and is an essential product for dry hair, split ends, frizzy hair, and more. Promote hair growth while treating the beard you have.


Do you love your beard? Then treat it right. Groom with confidence and the knowledge you won’t snag or get stuck with our burr-less wood comb,

each crafted with tender care for your benefit.

Show your beard—or bearded buddy—some love!