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Our Story

“We’re Proud To Offer You

Our Proven ‘Tools Of The Trade’:

Mike & Jennine


We’re a husband-and-wife family business that loves to create beauty – whether it’s the perfect cut for an incredible hairstyle or a stunning array of vibrant, gorgeous flowers.

Mike’s journey:

“In 1982 my father Sol opened a small hair salon in Brooklyn. His extraordinary talent as a hair stylist and his exceptional customer service made his salon an instant hit.

The reputation that Sol built over the years enabled him to eventually open multiple salons throughout New York City.

Since he passed the business on to me, I’ve worked hard to maintain Sol’s legacy as well as add to it by offering the general public a broad range of carefully selected hairstyling products, from hair Scissors to tweezers.”

Jennine’s dilemma:

“I’ve always been in love with gardening, and over time I’ve filled our two-acre property with a mosaic of exquisite flower beds.

But in 2012 all that gardening had taken a toll on my body, causing my joints to ache and making the whole process near impossible. Either I gave up gardening or found tools that make everything easier.

That began a quest to identify gardening tools so exceptional that using them was a pleasure, not a pain. And find them I did.

As a result, I can now spend less time working the soil and more time enjoying the results. And today it’s my mission is to make these same amazing gardening tools available to everyone.”

We’ve married two distinct
but very similar businesses.

At first, it might seem that styling a person’s hair and tending a garden’s flowers are miles apart, but in reality, they have much in common, just as we do personally in our own marriage.

The main thing is, we’re both ardent lovers of beauty, and it’s our sincere hope that you, too, share this lifelong passion!

We look forward to serving you
very, very soon!