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Manicure & Pedicure 6-Piece Grooming Kit

  • THE BEST NAIL CARE KIT FOR WOMEN: No more wrestling with your big toe nail-the Shear Guru premium clippers are designed with a heavy-leverage point and hand-sharpened edges to make precise, safe cuts effortless even against those stubborn nails. And that's why this is the best nail clippers set.
  • DELUXE GLASS NAIL FILE FOR ULTRA SMOOTH FILING: Sandpaper files are easy to break, and who likes the feeling of sandpaper on their nails? Our crystal glass nail file is designed with glass that is hardened during production to ensure a lifetime of keeping your nails fabulous.
  • CUTICLE NIPPERS THAT LAST: Many nippers misalign after even light use, which can cause pinches and bleeding. Shear Guru's nippers are designed to never misalign and are designed with a low-profile handle to increase control.
  • THE BEST MEDICAL GRADE TWEEZERS FOR THE JOB | SLANT AND POINTED TIP: Whether you're shaping your eyebrows or getting rid of even the finest hairs, use your slant-tip tweezers for easy and versatile handling. And get ultimate precision with our needle nose pointed-tip set of tweezers when removing ingrown hairs, splinters, glass fragments, or anything else below your skin.
  • ENJOY OUR "PORTABLE SALON" FULL-YEAR WARRANTY: You have our word that our nail kit will be a beautifying favorite for years to come. We offer a full-year you'll-love-it no-questions-asked guarantee.