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Sleek Relief

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Acupressure Massage

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  • OUR BEST ACUPRESSURE SET WORKS 2X FAST: Lay back and relax onto a "bed of needles" that massage pressure points, helping release your tight muscles and relieve stress. Other acupressure mats are made with materials that get painful quick. Only the SLEEK RELIEF LOTUS acupressure mat is designed to help professional and amateur acupressure enthusiasts encourage relaxation and release endorphins faster than any other mat.
  • LAY FOR LONGER | PATENTED “LOTUS” SPIKE TECHNOLOGY: Engineered with 1000s of advanced natural polymer “LOTUS” trigger-point spikes, we engineered this brilliant mix of tradition and modern technology to deliver the benefits of an expert acupressure back massage at home. So while your pain will melt away faster, you might just find yourself taking more time to relax than ever before.
  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS | DESIGNED BY ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE EXPERTS: The SLEEK RELIEF massage mat is the first acupressure mat designed with comfort and effectiveness as top priority. Research suggests this mat benefits energy levels, stress, poor sleeping, tense muscles, as well as shoulder and neck aches.
  • A POST-INJURY “WONDER GIFT” | AID THE BODY’S NATURAL HEALING: Improving sleep quality and metabolism through increased blood-flow can kickstart your body’s healing process. So while treatments by chiropractors and massage therapists are expensive and often ineffective, you can increase somebody’s comfort, relaxation, and chance of recovery with this improved 2000-year-old ancient Chinese method.
  • OUR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE AND PROMISE TO THE WORLD: As a family-owned company, our reputation grew naturally for how we treat others. We will only use naturally sourced, eco-friendly materials and processes, so every customer can feel good about buying from us. We also love to hear from our customers, and will do anything to make sure you are 100% satisfied.