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Sleek Relief

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Premium Thick Kneeling Pads

  • THE “INVINCIBLE” GARDENING KNEE PAD | LASTS 4X AS LONG: Other kneepads just don’t measure up. When Sleek Relief decided to revolutionize working kneeling mats, we knew we had to create the most comfortable way to kneel—so we manufactured each pad with extra-thick, high-density foam cushions that lasts up to 4X as long as other pads!
  • NON-SLIP, THICK CONSTRUCTION DESIGNED TO PREVENT KNEE PAIN AND INJURY: With non-slip backing and the perfect firmness and thickness to take pressure off your knees, the Sleek Relief pad is made to save you years of aches, pain and physical therapy.
  • EXTRA FIRM, WATERPROOF: When most kneeling pads, especially thick ones, compress, they can take in water and rot or degrade over time. Our knee pad is made with extra thick, extra firm foam that will never take on water.
  • SAFEST FOR KNEES | HEAVY DUTY, LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: The Sleek Relief patented foam construction process creates an extra-firm, extra comfortable pad. It’s the best of both worlds: sturdy and comfortable, so you can sit on the floors or do your training on the yard, anywhere! know that when you get there, your knees are safe.
  • OUR LIFE-TIME WARRANTY IS THE BEST | NO-QUESTIONS REFUNDS – Dad we are so sure that you are going to love your new Sleek Relief outdoor workout kneeling pad, that we promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee for as long as you own it. That’s how confident we are in the quality of each and every kneeling pad.