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Chef’s Knife Guard Set

  • THE ADVENTURER’S 10-PIECE KNIFE GUARD SET: Knives are sharp…but you knew that. Keep them safe, too, with UberSchnitt’s stylish ultra-tight fit knife guards. Perfect storage for every knife and every kitchen party location—the kitchen, BBQ, cabin, boat, RV, or picnic. You can put them into your carrying case and backpack and go!
  • PROTECTS YOUR KNIVES BETTER: Once you shove a knife into our felt-lined UberSchnitt blade insert, you’ll notice its engineered to hold the edge tighter than other knife guards, defending the blade from scratches and knicks. And if you happen to drop it—don’t worry—our hardened PVC exterior will take the fall in style.
  • RE-DESIGNED FOR SAFETY | FINGER-SAFE SLEEVES DESIGN: Other knife guards can be hard to fit your knife into. We wanted to do something about that, so we partnered with chefs to add a guard-notch that could make placing and removing knifes easier than ever. It worked, and our success is your heightened safety. Keep small kids safe with this protector.
  • UNIVERSAL | FITS NEARLY ANY KNIFE: You’ve got quite the collection: Paring knives, fillet knives, chef knives, boning knives, bread knives, sushi, Japanese Santoku… the list goes on. With UberSchnitt’s 10-piece universal knofe guard set, you don’t have to play favorites: you can protect them all with our universal holder! (See below for a full list of sizes)