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Professional Barber/Salon Scissor Hair Cutting Set

  • MAKE PERFECT CUTS EVERY TIME: This luxurious and elegant hair cutting shears set is constructed from hand-sharpened Japanese stainless steel that retains its sharp edge up to 5x longer than regular stainless steel . These superior blades will never lock up or get dull, ensuring a perfect split free cut every time.
  • SHARP, SMOOTH AND EFFICIENT: With a finely honed blade and a custom designed Culton tension adjustment screw, these shears will outperform any other shears in its class. We invested more time on our product so you can spend more time being productive.
  • CUT HAIR IN COMFORT: These premium scissors were designed for professionals, this means you can shear all day and never experience fatigue. These comfortable and easy to use shears will allow you to cut a day's worth of hair without feeling stress in your hands or shoulders makin this the best hair cutting scissors professional
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We are so confident that you will love these shears that we've included our unique lifetime guarantee; if you are ever unsatisfied we will return your money, no questions asked. Finally haircutting and shearing just became easier with these sissiors.
  • DESIGNED FOR THE SALON: You'll find our professional shears in salons across the country. So whether you're a hair stylist looking for the most comfortable, efficient sciccors to add to your hair cutting accessories tools, or a parent looking to impress at home, the ShearGuru Professional Shears Set is guaranteed to make the cut. Order yours today!

Find out why people are loving our Professional Barber Scissors!

Experience The Difference Between Amateur And Pro Trimming Shears/ Scizzors.

Are you confounded by the huge selection of shears that all seem to be just average?

Are you looking for professional hairdresser grade scissors that are superior in comfort and deliver a perfect cut every time? Well, you search is over, now that you found the Shearguru Professional Shears/ Scissors.

Hand-Sharpened For Haircut Pro's: We only use superior Japanese sharpened stainless steel, created using patented technology, our scissors sharp edge lasts up to five times longer than regular grade scissors.

Maximum Comfort for Women and Men: Our engineers at ShearGuru know that cutting hair for 8 hours can be really fatiguing on your wrists and shoulders, so we designed a grip that helps relieve stress on your wrist and shoulder so you can continue doing what you love, in comfort.

Surpass Expectations: At ShearGuru we go above and beyond what is expected from a premium, high quality product. We've included a screw to adjust the tension in the shears and a beautiful faux leather case to transport your shears wherever you need them.

The ShearGuru Promise: We promise you'll love our shears. But if anything ever goes wrong, or you simply decide to opt out of using the best shears on earth, just let us know and we'll quickly get you a refund or replace it for you free of charge.

Whether you're a parent that cuts hair occasionally, Or those adults that trim his beard, or a hair stylist that cuts hair for a living, you are entitled to own the best scissiors tool for the job. Order your ShearGuru Professional Shears Today!