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Sleek Relief

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Precision Personal Grooming Set

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  • OUTRIGHT HIGHEST QUALITY! - Never deal with cheap quality tweezers again! Our medical grade quality tweezers will not bend or misalign during use, making them great to use as ingrown hair tweezers, eyebrow tweezers. Our pointy ends meet up just perfect so you can easily grip any hair, from baby fine to coarse, the VERY first time STRESS FREE!
  • PERFECT FOR THOSE DELICATE AREAS!! - The extreme precision and sharpness of our splinter tweezers are perfect for Nose/facial hair and for the Bikini line and all delicate areas.With an ULTRA STRONG GRIP they will pick up the smallest individual hair EFFORTLESSLY that standard tweezers would not be able to get to.
  • CLEARER, SMOOTHER BEAUTIFUL SKIN, GUARANTEED!! With our PRECISION TWEEZER SET You will notice the very FIRST TIME, a dramatic difference in performance compared to any other store brand tweezers. Say "NO MORE" to those annoying stray hairs!!
  • THE ULTIMATE PREMIUM VALUE BUNDLE - Make a one-time investment in our Four Piece set of professional GORGEOUS TITANIUM BLUE tweezers and you will never go back to a cheap store brand.
  • TRAVEL IN STYLE with Our high quality protective faux leather case which will keep your eyebrow kit clean and ready to use. Ideal for traveling as you can just throw the set in with your luggage