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Dental Tooth Scaler Plaque Remover

  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY- The perfect addition to any dental kit. This is a must have item for people who wish to have pearly white smile and great dental hygiene. 6.5 inch scaler, double-sided dental instrument. Stainless Steel
  • REMOVES STAINS, PLAQUE, AND TARTAR FROM SURFACE OF TEETH-The buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth can lead to gum disease, enamel loss, and tooth decay.
  • HELPS PREVENT PERIODONTAL DISEASE- Poor oral hygiene can also cause bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease (gingivitis). Recent research has also uncovered possible associations between gum disease and other health conditions, including pneumonia, dementia, and heart disease.
  • WOW YOUR DENTIST- Can make dentist visits less uncomfortable as the dental hygienist may not need to do as much scraping of your teeth.
  • FOR PETS TOO!- Help keep your dog or cat’s teeth clean and healthy between regular dental exams.