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Ear Wax Removal Tool

  • Unique Spring and Spiral Design. Wow! Our well-constructed tool comes with the Spiral ear pick which has the 360 degrees to endure that each minute piece gets out easy and effective. Use it in good health, and start listening better. Once used just rinsed off with soap no need to be replaced.
  • Clean Your Ear Easier. Take your ear-care to the next level with our handmade stainless steel ear wax removal tool Our Tool will Get your excess earwax out instead of pushing deeper. We care for you so we constructed all surfaces to be smooth to prevent scratches to your delicate ears.
  • Medical Grade Ear Pick. This ear pick set has a solid design and you can be certain it will never break/bend. Made with 100% medical grade stainless steel which makes it easy to clean and sterilize. These tools are safe for personal and family use when used correctly. Use it right and it will last indefinitely.
  • Safe and Harmless to Ears This Ear pick is fully polished and its surface smooth and rounded, to prevent any irritation or scratching. The handles are designed for a secure, non-slip grip. Just remember to always clean your ear picks before use with soap and water or (preferably) alcohol.
  • Ergonomically Double-end Design Yes it’s one piece with two different factors, Both for Loosening ear wax. Different ends on the pick so that you can effectively relieve itching and massage the ear canal while cleaning.